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Give us a try, you will be happy with the outcome as well as the friendly spirit and effective deep house cleaning and Janitorial services as well as commercial office cleaning throughout all of Delaware County for over 35 years, we bring skin in the game to each job.

We specialize in recurring (standard) office or house cleanings in Delaware County, Deep carpet cleanings, clean up maid services near you including moving cleanings. We do deep power carpet cleaning, house cleaning, commercial cleaning, residential power washing, commercial window cleaning and residential organizing/straightening.

Our customers include home owners, renters, Air B&B and rental landlords and tenants, offices, contractors and people that are either moving in to a new place or moving out. We’ve been hired many times to do a deep cleaning that included window cleaning, carpet cleaning and power washing all together.

A&B Cleaning Services is located in Newtown Square, PA

Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did

As with painting your house, doing the design, and landscaping for your property, or mowing the lawn, you can do it yourself or hire a professional. House cleaning is something we’ve been doing for many years. In fact, there is nothing we haven’t done a hundred times. Our cleaners never need to stop and think or experiment while doing a job. During the pandemic we had to cut back a bit, but I kept the longtime workers that I know very well. They are like family. We also continue to improve our arsenal of materials, supplies and solutions. It is important to us that surfaces look clean but also that they are sanitized. Our methods attack microbes, virus and disinfect necessary areas. You can have peace of mind knowing that trusted professionals are cleaning your house. These are people that were thoroughly screened and have all proven their integrity over the 6 to 7 years that they have been with me.

We are fully insured and we welcome your input, instruction and feedback and are always willing to come back if something isn’t right.


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